How To Earn Online

How to earn online - a personal testimony

I know a 'mature student' who wishes to remain anonymous, who had invested a lot in his career. He has 4 degrees, among them an MBA and a PhD. He has a lot of experience and was accustomed to earning a very good salary. That was until 2008 when he spent 13 months looking for work unsuccessfully. He has a large family who is dependent upon him. Eventually he decided that since most areas other than the Internet seemed to be going nowhere or in decline, he'd seek to learn how to earn online. He would try to equip himself to do business on the Internet (something entirely new to him), thinking that this was a better long-term investment than trying to find employment, which he had found quite soul-destroying after investing so much effort for such little return. His return on investment (ROI) could hardly have been worse over recent years. So what did he do?

He enrolled with yet another university (this time an online university), which is now teaching him very practical skills to enable him to start a completely new career and earn a living online. There are probably many like him all over the world, so his testimony might be helpful to many who have access to the Internet and are themselves considering how to earn online.

How to earn online - a pipe dream?

They have shown him that setting up an Internet business is not a pipe dream, but an achievable task (providing that he is prepared to work at it). An Internet business within a specific niche market can provide one with the ability to earn a $five-figure monthly salary. I am going to touch briefly upon the best approach to setting up such a business.

How to earn online by becoming an Affiliate Marketer

Today these are huge varieties of products and services available for sale on the Internet. One can promote these products without owning them and earn a handsome commission as an Affiliate Marketer. One's referrals are tracked through special links, also known as affiliate links, in order that commission is received in return for customers introduced. This is one of the best ways to set-up an Internet business as one is able to earn online without actually owning anything, other than the website. Read for example, a comment posted just a few days ago by another student at our web-based university. Bear in mind that one's first online sale is a major milestone. "On another note, I made my first sale ever today. I was so surprised! I started a campaign for an Amazon product at the beginning of this month. It's kind of funny because I didn't actually sell the product I was promoting, but they made a purchase on another item through my link. I love that about Amazon. I know that if we all stick with this, we will succeed."

How to earn online by helping connect people with the products that they are looking for

Simply put, your goal as an Internet Marketer is to guide potential customers to these company websites in order for your business to grow. The Internet has changed the way we live our lives. Setting up an Internet business is attracting people in droves towards this easy and inexpensive way of earning online. However there is a lot more to this than might at first appear. Just setting up a website and waiting for orders to flood in, could involve a lengthy wait! You need to have effective "marketing" strategies and make concerted efforts in order to get going. You need to be relevant to your customers and just as in the physical world you need to understand, empathise with and help them.

How to earn online - some important considerations

Setting up an Internet business is not just about having a website. There are other factors that need attention when considering how to earn online, they will contribute directly towards your online success or failure.

1. A website that is successfully optimised, marketed and that attracts appropriate traffic can lead to a consistent $5 figure monthly income, but although this sounds straightforward enough, you need to consider all the 'pieces" involved in the set-up and execution of your business online. This requires knowledge and experience or a good tutor.

2. You need also to be aware that this option will take you several months at least to get up and running, it will not happen overnight though you might encounter many 'promises' to the contrary. Many start on a part-time basis.

3. Because time is money in such a venture, you need the best tools and resources that you can get if you wish to pursue this option.

I hope this has been helpful, especially for those of you struggling to find employment, while having financial responsibilities requiring you to earn an income. I wish you success as you consider how to earn online [] and as you compare your options, traditional and new, offline and online.


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