I must be the only one in this country who tries to increase income instead of cutting even more expenses already cut several times. But as I love swimming against the tide so much, today, I want to introduce you is a formula that explains a bit the different elements that impact the generation of income on the Internet .
If you have been following me for some time, you will know that I have thrown myself into a crusade, that of "educating" my readers that there is another way of monetization for blogs than that of online advertising.
This route is much simpler and likely than advertising, if you are not an expert in online marketing:
  • You will not have to become a wizard of online marketing: you can remain the same expert as serving your customers in your niche.
  • You won't need millions of page views if not a couple of hundreds of qualified visits
  • You will not have to publish several entries a day, if not a couple of valuable entries a week

All right. Well, reality shows me every day that 99% of entrepreneurs and bloggers do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to generate income on the Internet, other than advertising revenue. As of today, they will have no more excuse.
I invite you to watch the attached video, read the text and leave me a comment to generate a fruitful conversation if you are interested in increasing your ability to generate income on the Internet in the medium term.

The formula for income generation on the Internet


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